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Welcome to Fury.



First off I'd like put out a huge thank you to Chaac for all the work she has done so far on this website and any work she may continue to do, it looks awesome keep it up!

This is the first post to the main page in almost a year - and a lot has happened in that year.

A big congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated in and helped out with our Garrosh H10 kill, awesome job from everyone. There were definitely ups and downs on our way to getting that kill - some tough bosses and frustrations but also a hell of a lot of fun and laughs that were had, slow motion frozen orb to Garrosh's face for the pull, Tireiron and tank bromance to name a few.

Fury had some tough times this expansion, many people came and went and we did what we could with what we had and I'm proud to have been a part of it because we kept pushing and we came through the other side with a full heroic clear of Siege of Orgrimmar. We have had a lot of new additions to the team and each of them brought something unique to the table that helped us get to where we are now. I want to give a special shoutout to Reignheart, even though he was terrible most of the time (kidding Reign...) he did help us in a big way with recruiting and bringing in friends of his to round out our team and help us reach our goals. One of the biggest things I have loved most about the 4 years I've spent in Fury is the family atmosphere, especially during progression raiding. It's been a blast playing with everyone in the guild and I'm grateful to everyone for the great times I've had here.

Right now Fury is recruiting and looking forward to Warlords of Draenor, we're looking to push ourselves to become a true mythic level raiding guild. To do that we are looking for knowledgeable and skilled players with a positive and committed attitude to help us reach our goals, while we are specifically looking for certain classes/roles we are always willing to accept exceptional players. I know many of us are excited to see what this new chapter brings for the guild and the game, as am I. I know that Fury can and will be successful with the people we have in this guild and most importantly I know we will have tons of fun doing it.

Congratulations again to everyone on the work done so far and thank you for being an important part of our journey going forward into Draenor.


Razs (Igarr)

Please fill out our quick application if you are interested and it will be reviewed promptly.

A word From Jaysashi

Jaysashi a posted Nov 12, 13


    Let me start by apologizing for the lack of updates on my part. I’ve been extremely busy with work, life’s been keeping me pretty occupied, and of course the guild. Thanks to everyone stepping up their game these last few weeks. I have the time to actually update EVERYTHING (yes the gallery pie…)

      I always say it’s rare for words to give actions justice. Moments where you really just had to be there, there’s moments that one little mistake (especially in a 10 man ) leave you with one tank ,one healer ,and two dps possibly three if you’re lucky. A little mistake standing between a wipe and a possible progression kill at 7 -9%. Two things might happen; We wipe and someone says "Ok we got this, dust up, eat up and let’s go.” Or someone shouts "C’mon guys! You got this!” The remaining players recover, realize this isn’t over, focus and get us not only a kill but a moment we talk about an expansion later. "Spriest vs Alysrazor” (She didn’t kill her but damn she was close!)

           One thing I love about raiding with Fury is that even though we’re progressing and staying competitive, we have a lot of fun in the process. Now I’m not saying we don’t have our pre nerf Horridon/Garrosh is a dick nights, but looking back on this expansion, I’ve had more fun nights than… not so fun.. nights? To keep things alive there’s these mini games we play once in a while; side bets to who can do something, Trying to kill each other in Sha of Pride trash, Without! Wiping the raid! Oh and let’s not forget spoil teams…Imp-Lightning (Rip) and LOLaDK, which was changed to something else... You also have the M.S.T.U (Melee Special Task Unit) Piesashi/ Jayzeeko…we’re still deciding on a name..it’s complicated!

Raiding News

   SoO ( huh!? See that?! Ha! Siege of…) we beat the game, well at least on normal. 10/25/13, after some serious work on a super egomaniac orc fueled by pride (literally), lust for power, and a few gallons of blood from a beating heart of an old god, we finally proved Democracy works. For a quick explanation of democracy it goes something like this: Voice your opinion, Go around get a few signatures on a clipboard, Start a rebellion, Fight a T-Rex wearing armor (If you have time to question how they got it on, your standing on something bad or about to get eaten) and a giant robot piloted by a goblin back to back, Kill a Warchief , Vote, New Warchief , New health plan. Now I’m no  " Political Doctor-Scientist " but it all seems pretty simple.

   As always great job guys,  all the hard work , the long nights, worth it when we earned our kills. Keep polishing and never settle for great. Work off each other’s strengths and weaknesses, that’s what a true team is.

Keep the constructive feedback coming, we can only run as fast as the slowest player.



Recruitment  News

   We recently lost two players and we need to replace them ASAP. We’re looking for players that not only want progression but want to have a good time raiding. Players that will give it 100% every pull, all night, every night. We want players that value respect and understand it takes work from every single person to get things done. Fury isn’t full of elitists, we know there’s always room for improvement and we take that road just like everyone else. If you’re interested
click ----->http://fury.enjin.com/recruitment <------here


What you need:
• Good attitude and respect for your fellow players

• Raid awareness- Dodge various encounter mechanics while still performing your class role

• Ability to handle constructive criticism

• Patience

• The ability to adapt to a new strategy and events on the spot
• Know your class

· Be ready for raid this means have flasks, pots, read up on the encounter/ watched a video. (Knowing is half the battle!)

· No Drama – we don’t have any and we just simply won’t tolerate any ( goes with the whole respect thing.)



What we need:


Priest- Holy/Disc

Shaman- Resto


Druid - Balance

Mage –any spec


    As always I encourage that even if we’re not looking for your class specifically to submit an app or talk to someone in the guild. We’re always looking for people that have the same mind set as us, it all starts with a whisper or an application.

   A warning- I can’t stress this enough. If you have an attitude, if you think MVP stands for Most Valuable Prick, If you feel like your presence in this earth is some sort of gift and you stand above everyone else, Please don’t apply. We enjoy the company and the atmosphere in Fury and we’d like to keep it that way.

Doomherald "Fury isn’t full of elitists." I think Yukin is enough for us all.